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After the storms passed through, it was a great day on Morse Reservoir and a totally awesome event. Except for the snafu with timing and results, (which is mostly resolved now), everything went according to plan. The two hour delay and approaching storms, shortened the race for some to a 20K, but we made that an official distance, which scored points and garnered awards. Still twenty-seven swimmers completed 25K, twenty-eight swam 20K and 136 completed 5K in the relay divisions. After finishing, swimmers were treated to a pleasant afternoon of sunshine, music and abundant good food, drinks and door prizes. Safety was paramount during the event and we report only two who suffered from some hypothermia and a few who collected some bruises during the hectic start. I am happy to report that Iíve received many dozens of thank you notes with praise for the volunteer paddlers, hospitality workers and the friendliness of participants and the people of Noblesville. Thank you all for coming - I hope you will join us next year for the 5K National Championships!

Dick Sidner, Event Director

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